The Gokoo hovering ufo is the most fun I’ve ever had with a small toy! This palm sized toy hovers higher and higher as long as it detects a solid surface below. Remember to enjoy this fun toy indoors only. I noticed it did a perfect job maintaining upwards momentum. The second it comes in contact with a wall or person, it instantly wants to crash to the ground. The included control is the perfect mechanism to instantly start or turn off your hover toy whenever needed. This toy lasts many hours on a single charge. Simply connect it to the included usb cable and it’ll charge in a breeze. Despite the design, I’ll admit the toy is very durable. This products sparks imagination, you can use your hands or other parts of your body to send the toy upwards. It’ll secretly get the kiddos or grandkids up and about it. It’s a blast for the adults out there as well! So, are you ready to have fun space adventures from the comfort of home?