The Sport Bluetooth Stereo Headset is the product you’ve been waiting for! These earbuds give you name branded audio quality, for way less than the other competitors. These earbuds are Bluetooth enabled, and connect flawlessly with all of your devices. These waterproof earbuds, allow you to answer and place calls effortlessly with a touch of a button. So you’ll always be hands free on the road. These earbuds charge in less than an hour, and last well over 240 hours. Depending how you use them and at which volumes of course. These modern and stylish looking earbuds come with a couple of different ear tips to adjust from small to large. This product is perfect for joggers, for the comfortable fit and sound quality. If you love listening to music, taking Skype or standard calls, these are the best earbuds for the price! The reason it’s made by Fun Tech is because of how much you’ll enjoy using them! Are you ready to be cord free and stylish?